Guest Post: Babies and exercise

This week’s guest post is from Katrina Naish. There are lots of insights in the life of a busy mum in her blog Juggling Me Myself and Motherhood.

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After 2 babies I decided to give myself an overhaul. While doing this it has made me think of the imprints we leave on our babies/children.  One of the things that I have kicked off my overhaul with is joining a group training session.

Now, unlike most group sessions this one is targeted at mothers with babies/children and we all generally bring a baby/child (unless we are lucky enough for a loved one to take care of them).The trainer, Charlotte Hay from SOLMAMAS Slice of Life Fitness, understands what it is like being a mother and trying to squeeze in time for You. While we might be willing to find a sitter to go out to dinner every now and then, it’s not on a high priority to find yourself a sitter/carer on a weekly biases to look after your baby/child while you workout.

These sessions are great as mothers are able to keep their baby/child close but also get back that body that they once had and long for. The babies/children sit in their prams or on a playmate (or run/play on the oval) and watch their mummies burn some calories. Which got me thinking about the long term impact that this will have on our little children.

Our children are a product of their parents and the people to whom they are closest. So if the parents have bad eating and fitness issues the children most likely will too. A classic example of this is ‘The Biggest Loser – The Next Generation’.

So the questions are, and I guess the answers will only become apparent as our children grow and become more independent:  Will what the babies/children see and hear from our group? And how will that leave a positive imprint on our children’s lives? And will they see and feel that keeping fit and working out is just a way of life?

After all, babies/children are sponges and we all know that they learn by repetition and watching their parents and peers – us.

Katrina is a mother of a mini me (6mths) and a mini him (3years) and when she’s not ‘being’ mother she’s working as a garment technician, a blogger of Me, Myself and Motherhood and Style Hunter Kids as well as running her own small business Uniquely Grown (personalised family tree prints).

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