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Start Cola Earlier!

This fake ad suggesting cola is good for babies pops up all over the Internet, often mistaken as a real promotion by the dubious sounding ‘Soda Pop Board of America.’

A search for ‘baby/babies’ and ‘coke/cola’ brings up many sites discussing the merits and pitfalls of giving a baby cola, including lots of satires based on this ad and parenting forums discussing whether  it’s ok to feed a baby Coke, and whether you would judge someone else for feeding it to their baby (you’ll also find links to rants about stem cell research drawing the highly questionable conclusion that there are dead babies in Coca Cola!!). Continue reading


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Nappy/Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Prepped and Ready

Ever seen one of those nappy bags that looks like it’s holding the necessities for an entire childcare centre?

What about a parent without a nappy bag, desperately trying to calm a child bleating for food or needing a change?

It can seem so hard to get the balance right. I hate carrying around a giant bag supplied with enough nappies to last a week and fourteen changes of clothes. But, I’ve also gone out with a carefree swagger, only to end up tearing my hair out later when all the pram yields is a few dried out baby wipes and an already dirty bib.

There are two ways I prefer to approach the nappy bag dilemma

  1. Carry a store of emergency items in a not overly big bag
  2. And know where and how to buy the essentials if caught out.

The basic kit can be added to when you go out and have a clear plan of what you’re doing. But this pared down version will get you by; for the times you planned to be home and yet find yourself out with a hungry, wet, cranky baby. Continue reading


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#4. Top 10 things you don’t need for your baby

Sitting on the bed

You need a cot. One day you will need a single bed. You do not need a toddler bed, or a cot that will turn into a toddler bed.

#4 thing your baby doesn’t really need: A toddler bed

For at least the first 2 years your baby can sleep in their cot, or perhaps first in a bassinet and then a cot (I don’t recommend they sleep in your bed with you). Once they are big enough to leave the cot they can move straight into a single bed.

When Should My Baby Move Out of the Cot?

Ideally your baby can sleep in their cot until they are at least 2 years old. Somewhere between 2 and 3 they will be big enough and mature enough to be in a bed of their own.

Signs your child is ready for a ‘real’ bed are: Continue reading


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New Years Resolutions with Kids

kid to do list, list, Be happy and go home

You can make news years resolutions for yourself (I resolve to take fewer bites of the kids meals and stop pretending those calories don’t count) and you can make some for your children (I resolve to take my kids to park every week), but don’t forget you can make new years resolutions with your children.

Set aside time to work out some resolutions together

Sit down with your kids and have a chat about what it means to make a New Year’s resolution and share some of your own from this year or the past. Encourage children to begin thinking about the general things they and others might set as resolution. Continue reading

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