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Guest Post: Nurturing Your Relationship After Children

Introducing the first guest post from the NannySavvy community.
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As soon as you have kids, the focus immediately changes from your relationship to focusing on your children.babysittersearch

This is inevitable as your children soon become the most important things in your life and caring for them takes the priority. It’s human nature to ensure the health and happiness of your children are met before your own.

But to have a healthy and happy family life, it’s important that your relationship is healthy and strong as well.

Life is all about balance. If a relationship doesn’t have any time put into it, it can become unhealthy and weak. Continue reading


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Help! I accidentally locked your baby in a room by themselves and can’t get them out…

Photo by Alicia on Pexels.com

Yep. Not what you want to have to tell the parents of the 4 month old in your care on your first day as their nanny.

Now, before I tell you the whole horrifying story, you can relax your Macaulay Culkin style stance of shock. Let me assuage your fears. I am fine, no psychological damage at all. Thank you for your concern, I’m truly touched 😉 And the baby, well he’s just fine as well.

In fact, he was fine the whole time. But – I did, I must admit, accidentally lock 4 month old M in his room, alone, on my first day as his nanny.

To be fair, all I did was shut the door. I didn’t actually lock it. I’d put him to sleep, smugly satisfied I’d passed the first test of the day by settling him easily and swiftly. He was tucked firmly into his cot, flat on his back, arms spread above his head and hands clenched in a peaceful sleepy double fist pump (“yes! I am going to rock this nap!”). I shut the door and went about my business.

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