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Guest Post: Nurturing Your Relationship After Children

Introducing the first guest post from the NannySavvy community.
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As soon as you have kids, the focus immediately changes from your relationship to focusing on your children.babysittersearch

This is inevitable as your children soon become the most important things in your life and caring for them takes the priority. It’s human nature to ensure the health and happiness of your children are met before your own.

But to have a healthy and happy family life, it’s important that your relationship is healthy and strong as well.

Life is all about balance. If a relationship doesn’t have any time put into it, it can become unhealthy and weak. Continue reading


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Do Babies and Dogs Mix?

Child and dog

Families trust me with their most precious possessions, their children, and so safety is always on my mind. Parents are always thinking about it, too. Sometimes I work with overprotective parents who won’t allow reasonable risk for fear of their child’s safety. Sometimes I work with parents who haven’t considered possible risks I’ve been able to point out to them, so we can collaborate to keep their kids safe. Very often I work with parents who do not agree with me about a particular aspect of child safety, and so do not follow my recommendations.  That can be scary. Making a safer world for kids can be hard if you feel like the only one who sees a danger. Continue reading

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