Meet Nanny B – She’s savvy with babies and children!

I’m a career nanny with over 20 years experience with children of all ages, as well as an education degree. Plus I’m a parent, so I know just what it feels like!

I work with children and babies and parents and siblings and grandparents….

I’ve become dedicated to the care of infants and the very young and, increasingly, the support and guidance of their parents and families.

I’ve been integral in the care and raising of dozens of children one-on-one and hundreds in my care collectively.

I have seen plenty, learnt a lot, shared as much as I can.

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One response to “Meet Nanny B – She’s savvy with babies and children!

  1. Hi,
    I’m a 20 year old part-time nanny with a full time school schedule as a second year at my uni. The family I nanny for has a 2 year old girl, the absolute cutest. The dad works from home while the mom doesn’t work at all. I come three days a week and take care of the little girl. Most the time I spend my day cleaning up after her, however, the parents keep the house messy and don’t usually pick up after her. My question is how much should I be cleaning and should I picking up the other messes in the house? The mom is usually downstairs doing crafts but doesn’t ever clean when I’m here. Also, any tips for activities I can do with the little girl, we stay on the families property with their swing set but it can get chaotic when it’s raining and we can’t drive anywhere.
    Thank you!!!


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