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Please don’t run over our children!

Yield to Pedestrians

(unless you don’t want to)

A few days ago outraged media outlets began playing a video showing a child dodging traffic as he ran across a busy intersection.

The video, shot from the dashboard of a car waiting several spaces back from the intersection, shows a woman with a pram begin hurrying across the crossing as the pedestrian light was flashing, urging a young child to follow quickly. She reaches the other side while the child lags behind. The traffic light turns green and cars begin to move forward while the child is still only two-thirds of the way across.

Cars continue to drive on and he is forced to dodge and swerve his way to the other side. Thankfully, he arrives safely.

You can see the video here

The blame for this near disaster was squarely and furiously laid at the feet of the woman (who is referred to fairly consistently as the mother, though there’s no way we know that is true).  I am yet to see or read any coverage that even vaguely hints that perhaps the drivers of the cars are also due some of this moral outrage. Continue reading

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