Is your dog like your baby? Is your baby like your dog? ….

I see Freddy and Matty two days a week.

Now This Is Just Wrong!

When I arrive at the house Freddy is always excited to see me. He comes straight over to me as fast as his little legs can carry him, eager for a cuddle and a kiss. Matty usually seems pleased I’ve arrived as well, though he isn’t as demonstrable as Freddy.

When the mum of the house has to leave for work Freddy will sometime whine. Nothing to worry about, a few small complaints maybe, a longing look out the front window; he soon settles into the day happily. Matty can be more inclined to fret, scratching at the closed door and trying to reach under the gap.

They both love to play. Each has his favourite toys; balls and soft toys are popular with both. Freddy can become frustrated when a toy he wants is out of reach. Matty tends to carry his particular favourite around in his mouth.

Occasionally I’ll let Matty enjoy some time in his pen. It’s a safe place with familiar objects where I know he won’t get into trouble. As he begins to wind down Freddy will often lay down on his favourite couch cushion, so long as it’s near me.

Freddy has learnt the names of his favourite foods and gets excited when you tell him what’s coming. You have to keep an eye on anything that drops on the floor or Matty will eat it up!

They’re both so cute and smart. Freddy got a hair cut the other day and looks just adorable. Matty learned a new trick this week, he can shake hands! They’re great fun to be around! 🙂



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2 responses to “Is your dog like your baby? Is your baby like your dog? ….

  1. Funny read! When I was pregnant with my first child, Sara I used a book called Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby. It was really helpful and came with downloadable baby and toy sounds. Max (my fur child!) took some time to get used to the sounds but the book helped on how to do it. It gave me advice on what changes will occur and how to prepare my Max for them. It also talked about the causes for aggression and why it might occur and how to avoid it. It is written by a vet behaviorist too so it cover health issues as well. Maybe that will help someone else who has a fur child and is expecting!


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