Wake up! It’s Christmas Day!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Are there young children sharing your Christmas day?

The children in my family were always very spread out, both geographically and in age. When I was a little girl my younger brother and I were the only children at every Christmas. My nearest cousins were 12+ years older, and in a different state, and we had no other children in our near family. Later more cousins arrived into our family, this time 18+ years younger.

We didn’t mind being the only children, I’m pretty sure it only meant there was more focus on us! But now that the younger cousins are growing up into teenagers, the stark lack of children at Christmas looms. It’s probably meant to be my job to make some more at some point, but for now there’s a noticeable lack of little kid Christmas merriment.

The boyfriend has a niece who has just turned one, and in another year she’ll be a joy at Christmas. This year she’s still too young to know what’s going on and so as far as kids at Christmas goes, she barely counts (sorry bub!) – though that hasn’t stopped us fussing over her presents and predicting how cute she’ll look in a mini Santa hat.

They say Christmas is for the kids.

I don’t think that has to be true. I absolutely love it and throw myself into the whole hulabaloo with the same zest I did as I child, maybe more so because I ask so much more of myself mow (baking, handwritten cards, themed wrapping, Christmas lights and general zeal galore). But there’s no denying children see a magic in Christmas that can’t help but be tarnished once we’re grown, even if we remember it clearly and fondly.

Without small children at Christmas, believing in Santa and infecting you with their delight, is the day as special as it could be, as it should be?

I know I love Christmas, and I love the people I share it with and the children who aren’t as grown up as all that yet. But I sure am looking forward to more Christmases with some littlies; gloriously, innocently, excitedly revelling in Christmas the way only small children can.

How have children made your Christmas Day special?

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