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What the….?! :-)

Go The F*** to Sleep

Have you heard of this book? It’s been around a while now and was hugely successful when it was released in 2011. But, in case you’ve missed it I really think you should take a look and I think you’ll enjoy it.

After trying, unsuccessfully  to get his 2 year old to sleep for several hours, previously unpublished author Adam Mansbach facebooked that he would write a book called ‘Go the F*** to Sleep.’ At the encouragement of his friends he decided to actually write it; a picture book for adults that verbalises the internal frustration you can feel while helping a wakeful child to settle.

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Start Cola Earlier!

This fake ad suggesting cola is good for babies pops up all over the Internet, often mistaken as a real promotion by the dubious sounding ‘Soda Pop Board of America.’

A search for ‘baby/babies’ and ‘coke/cola’ brings up many sites discussing the merits and pitfalls of giving a baby cola, including lots of satires based on this ad and parenting forums discussing whether  it’s ok to feed a baby Coke, and whether you would judge someone else for feeding it to their baby (you’ll also find links to rants about stem cell research drawing the highly questionable conclusion that there are dead babies in Coca Cola!!). Continue reading

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Said one celebrity to another, “Why shouldn’t I name my baby ‘Promiscuity’? “

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I like to play a game, with myself or anyone I can convince to join me. Now, get your minds out of the gutter! It’s a game about baby names. Or rather, the baby names a celebrity might use.

Once you get started it’s hard not to see examples everywhere. You know the kind I mean. Names that are meant to sound unique and imply a certain idiosyncratic eccentricity in the parents; Apple, Blanket, Sunday… Presumably we’re meant to add baby naming to the list of ways we can never hope to compare to the celebrity; never understand what it’s like to be them, mere mortals that we are.

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